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As Termokon we manufacture and supply refrigeration systems, refrigeration units, cooling systems, industrial cooling systems, cold rooms, cold room panels, cold room doors, industrial cooling units, ice machines, refrigeration cabinets, frigorific systems, cold room cooling units, cold room cooling systems, freezers, deep freezers, regime cooling units, shock freezers, chillers, cold storage room doors, sliding doors, bar doors, single wing bar doors, double wing bar doors, cold storage unit door systems, atmospheric controls, refrigeration system, refrigeration unit, cooling system, industrial cooling system, cold room, cold room panel, cold room door, industrial cooling unit, ice machine, refrigeration cabinet, frigorific system, cold room cooling unit, cold room cooling system, freezer, deep freezer, regime cooling unit, shock freezer, chiller, cold storage room door, sliding door, bar door, single wing bar door, double wing bar door, cold storage unit door system, atmospheric control... We, Termokon Endustriyel Sogutma Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret, (Termokon Industrial Cooling Systems), have been successfully running business operations in the market of industrial cooling systems thanks to our experienced staff and our strong corporate structure. We continuously renew and develop the range of our services and products in line with changing conditions, in order to meet the needs of our clients, all of whom we consider as our friends. With this approach we build on our staff's market experience and knowledge of 25 years, we break new ground across many successful projects both at home and abroad, and we invest in technology and human resources - an approach which results in energy-friendly products, special software and ERP systems, and 24/7 services. We believe that we meet the rapidly changing needs and requirements of our customers by adopting state-of-the art technology, and have reached a pinnacle of quality of products and systems with TSE-HYB, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GOST-R and UKR SEPRO certification. We demonstrate growth of around one hundred percent every year thanks to our perfect business philosophy which we follow in our projects both at home and abroad. Our service-oriented approach we show towards the leading industries of Turkey, i.e. food, logistics, textiles and marine, evidences that we attach special importance to customer satisfaction. Our greatest source of pride is that our customers prefer working with us for all of their projects again and again and they show their confidence in our products and services. In addition to being a manufacturer, we, a successful undertaking within our industry, proceed by taking pains and making progress day by day with the sensitivity we display in turn-key projects, as well as with our mission to be a window to the world thanks to our domestic capital and productive power. We widen the sphere of our activities and add more brand marks into our range of products by aiming to meet all needs of the industry. Termokon offers its services under trademarks of Thermocon (industrial cooling units); Thermopanel (cold room panels); Thermodoor (cold room doors); Thermoice (ice machines); Thermoref (refrigeration cabinets), Thermovan (frigorific systems), and Thermoser (technical services).

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