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Our company are international factory and our company have Turkish , German and Chinese boss. We have factories in china, turkey , taiwan and germany at the same time we have 10 trade center all over the World. Our company have 5 main sector and we use sales system with distribitions system and part sales. We always try to sell with high quality system with perfect services. Our nearly 4200 staff wait your work for developing. Our maufacturing sectors and working area - Hydraulic and Pnomatic sector a- Hydraulic and Industrial Hose manufactur : We produce hydraulic hose ( R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R9 , R12, R15 ) , Water hose, Air condition hose, brake hose, hot water hose, kuka hose, concert hose , Air Hose, Lpg Hose , Cng Hose and nearly 150 different hose manufacturer b- Hydraulic Hose Agent : We have stock in our turkish ware hose Sel Brand, Diessa Brand, Semperit Brand, Fireflex Brand, Hydrointer Brand, Manuli Brand, Goodyear Hose . c- Hydraulic Fittings And Connector : Hydraulic fittings and connectors nearly different 3000 type. ( BSP, UNF, ORFS, METRIC and some other international standart ) d- Hydraulic and Pnomatic Equipments : Pomp, Valve, Pnomatic fittings and equipments, Rod pipe, motor e- Hydraulic Machine : Hydraulic crimping Machine, hydraulic hose cutting Machine, hydraulic bending Machine, hydraulic fittings crimping Machine f- Stainless steel, copper and ingot product stock - Metal and Pipe Sector - a- Germany and China Steel Range : Seamless Pipe, Stainless Pipe, Round and hexagonal bar, Hydraulic Line Pipe, Sheet metal and some others b- Copper , Ingot and aluminum productss c- Special cold and hot forming metal products - Machine and Metal Manufacturing Range - a- Special Machine Project : For example pipe Machine, pipe bending Machine, punch Machine, drilling, milling and otomation Machine and hydraulic b- Machine distribitor : we are some big other Machine distribitor about pipe bending, cnc Machine, laset Machine, drilling, milling, lathe Machine and some other c- We have in our factories Universal lathe, drilling, milling, saw, some different type lathe Machine, borveck, press Machine d- We can produce forging products - Engineering Work and International trade work - a- We can help to you about all engineering system work b- We can work to you about international sales and purchasing - Electric and Hard ware products - a- We have alot of big electric and otomation brands distribitors -We have big hardware brands distribitors -We can supplier to you about work wear , gloves -We can supplier to you about natural gas products -We can supplier to you about bearing Best Regads

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