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Uneller was founded in 2010 by two entrepreneurs who have been working in the bakery for about 20 years. Our goal was to become a commercial bakery by creating new and better products for our customers. Traditional recipes Our company specializes in manufacturing commercial bakery products. We manufacture various cookies, coffee and tea crackers, salty snacks, pita bread, tortilla and many other products fulfilling the needs of sour customers under the Brand Uneller. We never use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and every product is finished by hand. The annual food security inspections made in Uneller by international companies are; • In the scope of the Migros Supplier Inspection Programme, Food Safety inspections in accordance with BRC standarts and Ethic and Social Responsibility inspections in accordance with GC Sedex. One a year • In the sope of the Metro Supplier Inspection Programme, Food Safety inpections in accordance with GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). One a year • ISO 22000 Inspection One a year • ISO 9001 one a year • In the scope of the Migros Supplier Inspection Programme, SEDEX one a year Our difference is using traditional baking techniques — bench time, hand stretching, and knife scoring — in a sophisticated large-scale manufacturing environment. It is our difference your customers can see, taste, and touch.

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