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For the past two decades, we have been the supplier of textile demands for most of the global hotel chains in the world with utmost satisfaction of quality and service. This has been made possible by the well understanding and comprehension of their actual needs.We are specialized in developing unique products in accordance with the client requirements. We also create solutions for SPAs, Boutique Hotels, Private Villas and Boat Projects,thanks to the joint efforts made by our collaborating interior decorators. Technical knowledge and experience to adapt to today's trends, enable us to create and offer products,specifically designed for our clients’ needs. Besides performance, ease of use of the product is expected and crucial for comfortable living products,without ignoring the places of business partners and by this we aim to add value. We have very close relationships with our customers based on mutual trustand understanding by exporting to more than 20 countries in the world to meet their needs. These countries include primarily Russia and all of its neighboring countries,EU countries and even North African countries, thus we are experienced in serving to a very wide geographical area.

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