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VERSIS Ltd is established in 2009. VERSIS mainly interested to produce mechanical and automated systems; asphalt plant production, heating and cooling systems etc.. ,depending on its over 30 year experience on automation systems and on producing asphalt. Our cooperative firm HATEL ELECTRONICS AND AUTOMATION LTD. support the electronics and automation side of our projects, which have the ability to inform possible break-downs and service needs in its active parts before they occure and result expensive maintanence. Our experience and highly new ideas on the asphalt plants comes from many works at the asphalt plants in the country and abroad. During the works which are spread the years, we could be able to overlook the asphalt production. And then we decided to establish the VERSIS Ltd. We made many revisions, productions and transportation of the asphalt plants. Our progressive VERSIS Plant is an R&D project and is supported also by KOSGEB(a state organization which supports the original projects of the firms).As VERSIS, we aimed to join the international asphalt plant market with a high quality, high technology, high efficiency and low cost plants. Please contact us to learn dramatically low prices.

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