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VSS is a family owned company established in 2004. Principles of the company has spent his entire career in leather field in the USA, China, Brazil and Europe thus has experience in different leather cultures of the world. VSS Leather branch represents hide companies from USA and Europe in Turkey and supplies the Turkish tanneries according to their speccific needs of raw materials in additions to that VSS Leather manufactures some of finest leathers on contract tanning basis for the selective few customers in Turkey and abroad. Specific emphasis is always placed on environmentally friendly leathers such as chrome free wet white line which conforms with sg criterias or veg leathers develop with our specific tannages which customer will find only in our kitchen. VSS Leather Goods division is where we design, develop and manufacture our dreams where we transform unique leathers into unique items. This could mean a hand woven beautiful ladies hat or very unusual hand knitted handbag. Of course we are not only limited to the boutique items alone. We are also proud manufacturers handbags, belts, wallets which we export to Spain, Germany, France to well reputed customers. We work very close with our customer's design teams and custom tailor their needs from the leather stage though the manufacturing of the final product.

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