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Atey Chemical Plastic Machinery Food Industry and Trade Inc. Co. has been operating in Beylikduzu in Istanbul in so many sectors such as chemistry, machinery, food, plastic sectors. Company manufactures and exports products all over the world for brands such as Al Tayb, Neron, Ship, Cici Baby, Fly Baby, Snow Baby, White Baby, Fly Pad, Atey Caprice, Caresse, Turko Leziz, King, Soft and Nova in many sectors including particularly food industry. Major products; energy drink, fruit juice and other beverages with different kinds of diapers, lady pads and cleaning supplies.   As Atey Chemistry; We know that being prefered may possible only with confidence principle and manufactures our products with this meaning.   We progress all units and act according to manage our resources ideally, to produce the most accurate and precise way, to produce the best work   We use ideally technological opportunities and follow innovations in technology and then we always aim for excellence by integrating these innovations to our system.   Line with our vision to be the best, we never give up and work for this.   ATEY PLASTIC MACHINERY FOOD CHEMICAL IND. AND TRADE INC. CO.

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