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Dogus Group, established as a family company in 1985, made its first investment in the tea sector. The scope of operations started with the tea continued to operate in sugar and canned goods in later years. To be able to foresee, to be in the market with the products that are above expectations by taking the correct strategies for the changing consumer choices, to develop towards the principles has been the basic strategy of Dogus Group since the day it was established. Products have been manufactured in the factories built with this basic strategy including leading brands in their own categories. Dogus Group’s first enterprise Dogus Cay started with the production licensing given to private institutions. The investments started out with bulk tea, continued with teabag tea, green tea and herbal-fruit teas in later years. Dogus Cay keeping its standards higher towards its higher goals, acquired TSE, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications in 2000. Products on the shelves are suitable for Turkish palate, with its ideal color and its own smell; they are manufactured in facilities in conformity with EU norms, made without human contact and made with constant laboratory testing. Dogus Cay with 5 tea processing factory in Rize and 1 packaging factory in Ordu with the annual manufacturing capacity of 35,000 tons has become the leading brand of the private sector with its dynamic structure that suits itself to innovations and with its increasing charts. With a decision taken in 1994, to support the tea category and to expand the product portfolio, Dogus Seker started manufacturing. Dogus Seker, manufacturing in Eskisehir and Gebze packaging factories, which still has ISO22000 and ISO 9001 certificates, is among the top two brands in the sector. Dogus Group decided to take their leading position in tea and sugar categories to the other branches of the food sector and in line with their decision to grow in the food sector expanded their field of operation with Dogus Bahce brand in 2008 by manufacturing tomato paste. Dogus Bahce Tomato Paste and Canned Goods Factory is set up in Izmir, Odemis, the most rich land for growing tomatoes, on a 70,000 m2 of area, 7500 m2 of which is close spaced. The location is the center of Turkey’s most rich agricultural area which has the top quality tomato yield. Dogus Group aimed the same perfectionism with its sales organization to offer the fastest and the most accurate service to its business partners. With the qualified sales team, the logistics power, the widespread vendor network and effective distribution system, it reached everywhere in Turkey. Dogus Group, existing in the sector since 1985 as a modern and trustworthy company, continues to work to live in the future with its principles and standards, cares for human health, innovative approach, competitive structure and quality. Dogus Cay, existing as a trustworthy brand in the sector, continues to work to live in the future with its principles, standards, care it displays for human health, innovative approach, competitive structure and quality.

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