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Ecer Trousers was founded in Istanbul by Alparslan Ecer, known as 'the son of the trouser man', in the year of 1975. Alparslan Ecer studied his profession beside his father with whom he worked since he was ten years old, and he championed modeling, quality sewing, and decent ironing techniques, while he became the most-wanted master of trousers among his clients. For many years, he was renowned for the wonderful models and the quality sewing of the trousers he produced in the fashion business. During his self-journey after departing from his father’s business in 1979, he had produced for years for Turkey’s largest and most famous pret-a-porter firms, and therefore registered his quality from a whole different perspective. Alparslan Ecer started introducing the products under his name as Ecer Trousers brand to the world of pret-a-porter for the first time in 1987 in Osmanbey. The adventure that started with two sewing machines in 1979, has turned into a workshop factory of 3500 square meters that can produce high quality trousers with 130 experienced personnel, modern machinery and equipment. In terms of wholesale in Turkey, today we have a wide network of dealers in all the regions of the country, and we import abroad with our own brand. Today Alparslan Ecer is accompanied by the representatives of the third generation, Ismail and Ugur Ecer, at the administrative level, and our company is making great efforts to make sure that the newly produced trousers are making the people who wear them feel special, and that the customers are satisfied with the products. Trousers for us are not just trousers. They’re passion. Bugun Alpaslan Ecerle birlikte ucuncu kusak temsilcileri Ismail ve Ugur Ecer kardeslerin de yonetime katildigi sirketimiz, urettigi pantolonlarin onu giyenlere kendini ozel hissettirmesi ve satin alinan urunden memnun kalinmasi icin yogun caba sarfediyor. Because during the designing and production stages, we live every trouser, and we feel their exciting adventure... As Ecer family, we love our job very much.

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