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Our company which can produce all kinds of Rolik, axis Pipe and Bobbins with the desired diameter, length thickness and quality with the machines, equipment, raw materials and most important knowledges, can respond to special productions. It serves to manufacturing sectors that wind their products in coil and also want to keep their products in cylindrical packaging. In addition, our company makes production for our customers who want to protect their products during shipment or in stock area. Rolik: Textile industry Ø 35 - 40 - 45 -50 mm. It serves as the carrier of various diameters and various fabric and synthetic products in the customer's desired weight. Axis Pipe: Paper Industry 1. Dough, Gray Cardboard, Kroma Carton, Kraft Liner, Test Liner and Fluting Ø 76.8 mm. - 100 mm. and 152 mm. It is used as a carrier. Plastic and Packaging Industry at Ø 76.8 mm. and 152 mm. The surface is used as a carrier without wrapping the packaging products.

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