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Our company GM ETIKET VE MATBAACILIK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. has operated since 2007. Self adhesive labels, offset and agency services are some of our main working industries. You know that we live in an age which visuality has been prioritized subject. We know how much important image of our products and prestige of our company, therefore we as GM Etiket are marking your prestige. Self Adhesive Labels Our company give services in manufacturing of self adhesive labels and special purpose labels and importing of raw materials for about 1 year. Our company has been preference of lots of companies with its care on total quaqlity and developing technology and adaptation to nowadays’ working period. If necessary to explain specifications of automatic labelling and special purpose label printing machines, capability to print from 10 mm to 420 mm sizes, on 1. paper pulp, glossy paper, opac, opp, pe, ope with 5 colours, 8 colours and 9 colours. Each of machines has got 1.200.000 pieces manufacturing capacity. Our company believes that we have definitely exact solutions related with you thanful of our reasonable prices, capacity of production, options in productions and wide range of high quality products. Offset Printing In offset printing we give services in all kinds of sizes on cardboard and labels, catalog, broshure, calendar, letterhead, interval cardboard, formal cardboard, banners with their wide range area of utilization. Our company has been preference of lots of well kown establishments with its care on technology and developing technology.

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