Our company which was established at the year 2004 has become a giant company in its own branch in such a little time; 7 years; with the experience and knowledge of more than 25 years. R&E Tex.’s area of expertise is COMBED COTTON WEARING. With its 500 employee in its internal structure and 4000 in total; it has reached to 1 million piece of production. Our company enriches the trade marks which it works with; with its wide range of products; superior production quality; pricing policy and logistics power. As an exporting company; R&E Tex. has the logistics power of exporting to 32 countries continuously. Main countries which we are most exporting can be put in order as: U.K; Belgium; Italy; Greece; Switzerland; Denmark; France; U.S.A.; Canada; Australia; Venezuela; China; Saudi Arabia etc. R&E Tex. maintains its success rate by growing every year with its superior quality and service policies. In extend of this period; it has invested in modern factories; high technology machinery and qualified manpower; and by all these it has reached to a respectful position in its field.

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