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We produce steel and wooden doors. please check our website: We produce: - Steel Doors - Wooden Doors - Sliding Doors - Fire Doors - Entrance Doors - Exit Doors - Security Doors In addition to our door business, we have also machinery business. And we produce: - Horizontal flow pack packaging machines (vacuuming or gas injection possible) - Overwrapping (envelope-type) packaging machines (mainly for corn crisps, wafer, biscuit and soap packaging) - Biscuit packaging machines - Chocolate filling & packaging machines - Wafer packaging machines - Cake packaging machines - Halvah Slicing (Cutting) and Packaging Machines - Soap Packaging Machines (in the solid form) - Thermoforming (form & fill & seal) packaging machines - Cup Water Thermoforming (Forming & Filling & Sealing) Packaging Machines - Picnic-Type Thermoforming Filling & Packaging Machines (jam, honey, butter, chocolate) - Vertical Weighing (Dosing) & Filling & Packaging Machines (for powdered, granular, crystallized or liquid products) with volumetric, auger (screw), linear-balanced, multihead dosing systems, - Filling & Capping & Labeling Lines (for any type of viscosity products in the food or chemical industry) - Biscuit Cream Sandwiching Machines - Powdered Sugar Mills - Cookie Machines - Encrusting Machines - Filling & Sealing Machines as Rotary or Linear System (Ready cups used) - Horizontal Sachet-Type (sealed from 4 edges) Filling and Packaging Machines (for powder, granular or liquid products) - Vertical Stick-Type (sealed from 3 edges) Filling and Packaging Machines (for powder, granular or liquid products)

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