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Hasgul Textile was founded in 2004 and has become the only leader in the promotional textile market in Turkey. Hasgul Textile serves in both domestic and foreign markets with its 200 employees and with modern textile machines in its 4500m² area. Our annual production capacity is 1 million pieces. We export 70% of our annual production mainly to Germany, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Austria, Holland, and Czech Republic and to other European countries. The other 30% of our annual production is for the Turkish domestic markets which are reputable institutional companies. Our Departments: Hasgul Textile has 7 different departments. 1) Sampling Department: Our professional team of designer, designer assistant, experienced sample tailors, and their assistants produce original samples according to our customers specifications. 2) Cutting Department: After the final controls of the fabric, our daily cutting capacity is 40.000 pieces in the knitted fabric group and also 20.000 pieces in the woven fabric group. 3) Printing Department: Your logos and images have been controlled and adjusted to the exact measurement for the print screen by our graphic and design team. After this preparation of the patterns, prints are made in the printing machines that have the latest technology. Our daily printing capacity is between 15.000 and 20.000 pieces. 4) Sewing Department: Our automatic sewing machines have the latest technology and our daily sewing capacity is between 5.000 and 10.000 pieces 5) Quality Control Department: Produced products are sent to our customers after being controlled by our quality control team systematically in internal or in objective laboratories. 6) Ironing and Packing Department: Each of the products are ironed and packed in poly bags and in boxes carefully according to sizes. After putting address stickers on boxes then the boxes are ready to be sent with the packing list. Our daily ironing and packing capacity is 10.000 pieces. 7) Executive Staff: • We have 3 colleagues in our export department who have lived abroad for many years. They speak English, German and Russian very well and they are aware of European standards and expectations. • Our accounting and finance department work very careful to avoid any mistakes and provide us our customers’ financial confidence. • Our production manager and his assistants organize and control every step of the production to produce the best quality for our clients. They also maintain tight control of the embroidery process in the embroidery houses that work for us. • We obtain our customers’ demands by exhibitions, surveys and visit in their company, relevantly to serve with a young and innovative graphic design team who carries the latest fashion designs to the promotional textile market with great success. Hasgul Textile continues to improve its inventive designs and collections according to the expectations of its clients’ inquiries.

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