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Increase the profit of your business working directly with professional manufacturer. We specialise on warp knitted terry fabric manufacturing for home and promotional textile for over 30 years. We do customized fabrics for home textile collections with over 150 tons capacity per month and 1000 meter per hour. You will have reliable and trustable supplier who keeps his promises. We care about our customers and approach each customer individually. We follow up each order and never hide if there is a problem to be solved. We guarantee high quality of product and 24/7 customer support. WHY WARP-KNITTED TERRY FABRIC? SNAG-PROOF = NO PILES ARE POOLED OUT DURING WASHING OR USING GRATE HAND FEELING = MORE SOFT AND LIGHT THEN 100% COTTON TERRY FABRICS LONG LIFE = HIGH DIMENSIONAL STABILITY AND RESISTANCE TO RUPTURE SAVES ENERGY = LOW TIME FOR DRYING SAVES EFFORTS = NO NOT NEED IRONING NEVER FEEL HOT AND SWEATY = EXCELLENT AIR PERMEABILITY GREAT FOR TOWELS AND BATHROBES = HIGH WATER ABSORBENT NATURAL TOUCH = SELECTED COTTON AND BAMBOO YARNS

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