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Nar Textile & Home Decor succesfully provide the domestic and foreign companies credible, professional and high quality consultancy and intermediary services to enlarge our procurement nets for many years. Owing to the long therm and fiduciary relationships, we coordinate and manage the trade relations between the Turkish producers and international import companies. Our company has adapted the philosophy OUR CUSTOMER JOB IS OUR JOB, and has been acting with the understanding of honesty and our Customers first. Our researching and improvement efforts in the international markets continue actively. We are proud to work with you towards the same objective for many years. We have been exporting in more than seventy countries worldwide and cover numerous markets achieved through careful high quality. We are aiming to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. As one of your credible business partner in Turkey, we are always with you. With our expert staff, we give service to you in Turkey in your pursuit for powerful and credible producers. You can find our sector range below, - ALL KIND OF TEXTILE GOODS - HOME DECOR ITEMS - PERSONAL TEXTILE PRODUCTS - FURNITURE, OFFICE FURNITURE, CARPET & HOME TEXTILE If you need any further informations, please do not hesitate contact with us directly. We are waiting for prompt reply

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