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Nature Foreign Trade Consultancy especially olive oil, sunflower oil and varieties, tomato paste and hazelnut is a foreign trade company engaged in the food industry, including exports abroad. At the same time, the company offers consulting services with 18 years of experience in all foreign trade Services Market Research What is needed is done market research for the requested material. By operating costs submitted for approval at a few different options. Operation monitoring Nature, acting as an employee of your company, accurate documents ensuring documentation control following the pick-up and delivery of the goods. Documents do not need to deal with multiple issues in giving sworn interpreter service. If your request is allowed to be sent to government agencies and to prepare shipping documents are delivered to you on behalf of you. Operations will inform you follow the shipper. Supports Import and export transactions in shipping and payment methods in issuing incoterms, L / C demand etc. Customs procedures Nature informs you and your custom broker about all details related with in case of releasing the goods from supplier’s warehouse and getting into the custom board. All foreign trade transactions support involved in your import and export trade is given by us.Briefly, Nature by serving as your employees in your company offers all kinds of foreign trade transactions of a solution partnership with the whole.

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