Within the scope of the Member Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data published on the Internet address by your company during the recruitment process, I hereby, by clicking the approval button, give my explicit consent to KOBİ ULUSLARARASI TANITIM VE DAĞITIM HİZMETLERİ SANAYİ TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ

• For transferring all my personal data, which I submitted during the membership process and included in the Clarification Text above, to the companies that provide information technology, cloud, and archive services in Turkey and abroad for the purpose of benefiting from storage and archiving activities and ensuring data security,

• For transferring all my personal data abroad due to the fact that e-mail service infrastructures of e-mail contact addresses, servers of your websites are kept in data centers located abroad,

• For transferring my personal data to, which is another website belonging to your business partners and your Company, in order to carry out studies to increase the intensity of commercial activities of the company I am authorized / work for, and to increase the efficiency of communication activities carried out with me.

I hereby, by clicking the approval button, give my explicit consent for sharing my identity data (name, surname, username), contact data (phone number), audio (voice recordings), and visual data (video recording, photo)

• In groups by including them in WhatsApp and similar online communication channels for the purpose of accelerating the sale/purchase of the products I wish to sell or request,

• For sharing them on this platform for 2 years, including my photo and comments about your company, in order to increase my recognition on the "Success Stories in Export" platform on the website and to announce my partnership with the Company,

• For keeping my visual and audio records of the trainings made over Zoom for 2 years within the scope of keeping and benefiting from archive activities in order for me to use your company's websites more efficiently.

I am aware that I can withdraw my express consent at any time, and if I withdraw my express consent, this transaction will have a prospective effect, that my declaration of withdrawal of all activities carried out on the basis of my explicit consent will cease as soon as it reaches the Company and cannot be processed within the scope of the above purposes.

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